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I’ve decided to consolidate and add a bit of professional flair to my writing life on the world wide web. See the new site here.

I will continue to post some things here for a while, until I make the complete transition to the new site. I hope you’ll follow me there. Signing up is easy, just put in your email and you’ll continue to receive updates!

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Writing Prompt #28

Writing Prompt # 28

Writing Prompt #27

Why finding your “method” may be detrimental to your writing

Why finding your “method” may be detrimental to your writing

Okay, so writing is hard.

It’s even harder when you start giving into those everyone-is-better-than-me thoughts. It’s these very thoughts that put me on the search for a new and better method to novel-writing. How did famous authors write? Longhand? Shorthand? Did they edit as they went or after? Did they use graph or lined paper? What is it about their method that made them succeed?

The problem…

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Writing Prompt #26


Schedule your day with these printables on Etsy!

Schedule time for your writing with this printable!

I made these printable schedules specifically with 1500 Challenge-takers in mind! Use them to set a weekly word count, schedule your daily 1500, set short-term goals, scribble notes and remind yourself to edit, edit, edit!

Writing Prompt #24

Writing Prompt 21

philosophy [[fi-los-uh-fee]

noun, plural phi·los·o·phies1. the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct. 2. any of the three branches, namely natural philosophy, moral philosophy, and metaphysical philosophy,that are accepted as composing this study. 3. a particular system of thought based on such study or investigation: the philosophy of Spinoza.…

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